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Project Coaching
The AdvisorBase approach:
The AdvisorBase internet project coaching system is designed to give smaller ($30m - $300m) companies the use of leading edge consulting tools and techniques under the guidance of professional consultants, for a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting projects. Our clients learn new skills and gain valuable business insight while still making the most of the skills and knowledge they have. Each project has a coach to step clients through their projects. The client makes full use of their business and market knowledge, while getting the benefit of our specific experience and expertise.

This highly beneficial and cost effective approach to business improvement projects is like on-the-job training that delivers practical project results.

We provide project methodology, templates, run computer models, review results and a coach to guide you through the project - it's less risk for you

Using consultants only where their input adds value and reduces costs. This helps smaller companies afford professionals to help analyse and improve businesses.

By doing the project yourself, with our coaching input, you up-skill your team, gain new business insights and deliver the project results.


In-house resource time is often a major constraint on delivering in-house initiatives. A coached project saves you time:


You do not have to reinvent wheels


You up skill as you do the project


You avoid costly rework or worst…going back to the beginning


You know the project is on sound footing with proven methodology, tools and techniques


Finishing it is not a dream.


Together we can be an effective force to improve your business.
By making the best use of consultant and client expertise, costs are reduced, results improved and knowledge transferred
At a cost less than you might spend on training, you get the learning relevant to your own business and valuable project results
An initial assessment to see if our approach meets your needs does not cost you anything but your time.