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Scenario Modelling

Our scenario models provide answers to 'What if?' questions in your business without having to make the changes. Scenario modelling is the core of a decision support model.

Scenario models enable you to make informed decisions and therefore reduce the risk of uncertainty. Our scenario models typically sit on top of our Cost to Serve analysis model and therefore reflect how customer and/or product profitability is affected by various scenarios. While scenario models are customised to provide answers to your company's specific 'what if' questions, commonly answered questions include:

"What if we…

… gave a discount for full pallet purchases?
- How much could we give away?
- What would we save?

… shipped full containers direct to customer warehouse?
- How much could we give away?
- What would we save?

… packed 6 per case instead of 12?

… introduced outbound tele-sales and reduced reps?
- If we lost sales how much could we afford?

… dropped a product line?
- Is less more?"

Smarter decisions mean better business - informed decisions are smarter decisions.

AdvisorBase's experience in scenario modelling allows you to quickly begin running various combinations of scenarios to determine the best way forward. AdvisorBase will design the scenario model to your requirements allowing you to set scenario parameters and then to run dynamic scenarios for evaluation. Both our Cost to Serve and Scenario models are built in Microsoft Excel © which significantly reduces the time for your team to become proficient with this dynamic tool.